– Are you curious about the benefits of meditation but unsure where to start?


– Have you ever tried to meditate but struggle to maintain focus?


– Do you meditate regularly but want to dive deeper into your practice?


Meditation is not easy to navigate alone. The mind is a complex and confusing area to work with. However, it is more important than ever to look after our mental health.
We have designed a 3 week one-on-one mentorship which will guide you towards developing a more powerful meditation practice.
Just like you would go to a personal trainer to develop your fitness – this meditation mentorship is designed to help you develop strength and clarity of your mind.


During the mentorship, you will cover the following:
  • An exploration of blockages you may be experiencing with meditating
  • How to develop a regular meditation practice by building strength and discipline
  • Understanding tailored meditation techniques which suit your temperament
  • Self reflection exercises to gain insight into the patterns of your brain
  • An understanding of the science of meditation (brain-waves, basic neuroscience and psychology)
  • Meditation with consideration to your diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors


During the one-on-one mentorship program, you will also be eligible to access unlimited classes at Yoga Life for the duration of the 3 week mentorship.


Meditation is proven to reduce stress, manage anxiety and depression, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, increase focus and clarity, improves sleep, helps with pain management and decreasing blood pressure.


Meditation can have deeply profound effects on the quality of your life. We look forward to passing on our experience of this beautiful art and science.


When: One-on-one weekly sessions for 1 hour for 3 weeks (at a time of your choice)
Cost: $150 for Yoga Life members, $179 for non-members
More info: Call/text Caitlin 0411 281 487 or email caitlin@yoga-life.com.au